I am back in Pittsburgh


Overall, This experience was a good one. Even though there was a lot of excruciating hard work as well as soaring temperatures and humidity. I do feel proud of the work I did and I was well worth helping my father with all of the work.

I would like to Wish Dad and Deb a happy and safe retirement.


Here are some last-minute pictures.

IMG_20140614_143739_922 photo 1In Big Lagoon near Perdido Key.


Work is almost complete!


Just thought I would post an update because it has been so long.


It was a lot of very hard work and sweltering hot conditions. We got all of the through hulls complete with the new hose arrangements for inlets and outlets. While painting the anti-fouling coats on the bottom, Dad got a good dose of solvent which made him a nervous wreck. I also got exhausted a few times in the process.

Today, almost all of the painting is done The topsides are finished and new decals were put on. They did a really good job with the painting. There is just a little bit of masking off the boot stripe and bottom paint touch-ups.

Tomorrow, we will be expecting rivets for installing new tangs onto the mast. The old tangs were not of the right angle to hold the support cables. after the tans are installed, The shipyard personnel are going to use a boom-truck to lift the mast so it could be bolted down. There still is a problem with the spreader lights though.

We also got some of the other odds and ends worked out. the autopilot course computer was relocated from the engine room to the galley so that it would not overheat. In the process of re-wiring the autopilot, the wiring problem was also fixed. Even though the autopilot is twenty years old, It works!

I also thought I would post some pictures of the progress.


New paint job and decals from back.

New paint job from side

New paint job from side