Sandblasting almost complete!


Boy, All that mess. Pretty soon, we will be able to get the boat moved to a cleaner area away from all of that poisonous sand. As the sandblasting is wrapping up, Dad is prepping the cracks in the deck for primer and paint.

All the welding is done and we have to put two more coats of epoxy primer on the boat before the anti-fouling paint is put below the waterline.


2 thoughts on “Sandblasting almost complete!

  1. Michael Kasavage

    I am so thrilled to see you, and your dad finally get to the ocean.I really enjoyed reading the posting comments. Keep them coming. Well done! I first met your dad probably 15 years ago when he just painted the sailboat at Lighthouse marina. There was a little overspray that caught the wind and got on some cars in the parking lot. LOL! I docked there back then. We had a LOT of fun. I always marveled at your dads work on that beautiful boat, and I was happy to see the mast installed. Then the ice came through, and did all that damage. Thank goodness the boat came through. What a tank! I have never met you Zach, but I wish you the best of luck, and you two are living the dream! Best regards, Mike Kasavage (Future Floridian! Soon to be ex New Kensingtonian as well!)

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