On the Tombigbee River


Sorry for the long wait. We have been very busy with locks.

A few days ago, we were still on the Tennessee River. While anchored overnight, because of the hydroelectric dam shutting down, the river level fell two feet. Due to that, the keel of the boat got stuck in the mud and it was leaning to the side when I got up in the morning.

The first thing we tried to get everything loosened up was walking back and forth on the boat to try to rock it. That did not work; we took the second anchor and put it into the dinghy. Dad tied a rope and fender to it so it could be retrieved. On the boat, we winched the set anchor, but the boat did not budge one inch. After that, Dad listened on the VHF marine radio and heard a nearby towboat. Dad contacted to towboat and some empty barges. The towboat crew saw us on the [Leaning] Aspiration on the side of the river. Finally, The towboat deckhand threw us a huge rope to tie to the cleat on our boat, gave us a big tug and back to floating. Hurray!

Even though the towboat captain said that we need to help each other out and it would have costed nothing, Dad threw the deckhand $200 as a thank you gift. $100 for each!

Boy, I am glad we got out of that mess 🙂


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